2018 Forth of July

Wishing everyone a Happy Forth of July here in the good old USA. And everyone else a Happy Day.

Jim 🙂

Forth of July 2018


Abe Lincoln and my Grandsons.

Last Friday we took our two grandsons out for lunch. We went to Cain’s Chicken one of their favorite places.

Anyway while eating Maw maw was showing Noah, the youngest grandson, the pictures on the phone. They got to the pictures of New Salem and Riley was telling his brother about the stores that Abraham Lincoln owned. He said that Mr. Lincoln owned one store and it went bankrupt so he opened another store and it also went bankrupt. That is why he went into Politics. Charlotte and just looked at each other and cracked up.


Pea Ridge National Battle Ground

Thursday 06/14/2018. We were up and ready to go to Pea Ridge while it was still cool. We left Eureka Springs and drove the very windy road to get to the park. After arriving at the information center, Riley saw a cannon setting out front. He wanted his picture taken by it so he would be able to show his folks.


We went inside to see the little museum and the film they had about the battle that was fought there in the Civil War. Afterwards I asked the ranger if there were any low bridges or limbs over the road. The Motorhome is 12’2″ tall. I was told that tour busses go through all the time and that there should be no problem. I guess they haven’t pruned their trees in a while because I had to dodge limbs through the whole 7 mile one way trip.



When we got around to the Elk Horn Tavern, we stopped and went inside. Two people who were dressed in that time period would answer questions. Riley asked the man about his rifle. The man answered his questions then asked him if he would like to hold it. Riley held it but said that it was very heavy.


We disused where we would like to go next. Riley man told us that his other grandparents, and his mom and dad was going to the lake this weekend and that he would like to be there. So we headed out. drove to Yukon Oklahoma where we spent the night. There is a new Good Sam park there called Mustang Run RV Park. It was a nice park but the trees were still to small for any shade. Will be great after they get bigger.

After getting there I set up the camp while Riley and Maw maw went swimming. Later while eating supper we played a game of Left, Right, Center. I finely won a game, I was so happy, that it cracked Riley up. We drove home the next morning and got Riley home in time to go to the lake.


Eureka Springs Arkansas

Wednesday 06/13/2018. Riley wanted to see where President Lincoln was buried. So we cleaned the campsite and headed back into Springfield.  He seemed to love seeing all this history about the 16th president of the United States.

After leaving the cemetery we headed to Eureka Springs. A long but beautiful drive. When we arrived at the Kettle Campgrounds, there were no pull through sites left. No problem I will just back in to our spot. Charlotte was very nervous guiding me back, but she did a great job.


The 1860 Lincoln Home

After leaving New Salem Village, we had lunch then went to Abe’s home in Springfield. Riley again was impressed that he actually got to go into Abraham Lincoln’s home. He was able to see the stairs that Mr. Lincoln climbed every night to go to bed, and see the kitchen where their meals were prepared.

New Salem Village Illinois

Tuesday 06/12/2018. After getting up and around we headed into Springfield for a long day of seeing a bit of Abraham Lincoln’s life. First stop was New Salem Village. Riley enjoyed seeing the old buildings where a man lived who became the President of the United States. This day there were several volunteers,  dressed up in the time period of when Lincoln lived there. At each building we went to, they would explain what all took place in the buildings.

He really enjoyed the games that a couple was playing. They invited him to join them, and explained to him how to play. The woman was playing a game called grace, she explained that the girls played this one to teach them grace. The other game was like the game of horse shoes. I can’t remember what it was called, but instead of heavy horse shoes you would toss rings made of rope. After the long morning we decided to stop at the tavern for a drink.


Springfield Illinois

We left my daughter’s house in Kansas and headed to Springfield. We stopped at a little town on the Mississippi river so Riley could get a look at it. Then Loaded back up heading East. We got to the RV park around 5 pm on Monday 06/11/2018.

Double J Campground is located off of US 55 in Chatham IL. After getting the RV set up we took Riley man swimming.


Visiting his auntie Ce.

Riley was having a great time visiting his aunt. They had a great time with the dogs. Going swimming at the neighborhood pool. We took him to the Moon Marble Company where he was able to see how Marbles are made by hand. Then she got him a model car made out of Lego’s for him to put together. She spoiled him so bad that he did not want to leave when it became time.


First Trip with the Motor Home

Taking the third grandson on his 12-year-old trip. When our grand kids turn 12 we would take them on a trip. Riley is between 11 and 12 but we felt that we need to go ahead and take him. We are both 72 years young and so we had better do it while we can.

He spent the night with us on Thursday night the 14 of June. We woke up early Friday morning loaded up in the Motor home. He was so excited that he was getting to be the first to ride in the new RV. Plus we were heading first to his Aunt CeAnne’s house where he will be able to see her, new house, and new dogs.

He and Maw maw were seat belted at the dinette and tried to play Monopoly, with the motor coach rocking back and forth.

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