RV repair

While on our trip to East Texas. I pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot so that I could check on why the refrigerator was not working on propane. Well I found out that when the dealership had worked on the hot water heater, they failed to turn the propane back on. I turned on the propane and the fridge lit right up and started working again.

As we were leaving the parking lot I had a tight right turn. I normally would swing out to make the turn. The traffic would not let me. When I made the turn I could tell that I jumped the curb but I did not feel any thing out of the norm.

As we were driving to Dangerfield Stat Park, and we would pass a truck I could hear this strange hissing noise. I could not figure out where it was coming from. It was late when we got to the state park, we set up camp for the night. I did not see any thing until the next day when we went out side to relax and have my coffee. This is when I noticed the scrape, and bent exhaust. That exhaust pipe was the hissing noise I was hearing. I am surprised that I had any power. It made me kind of sick to my stomach seeing this.

Finally I took the RV to the body shop to have it repaired. But the good thing about this is that I do not have to worry about scratching it again.



53 Years Together.

It is amazing, how even when you don’t know it God is working in your life. As a young 18 year old I was attracted to this beautiful young lady. I was a high school dropout, working in a parking lot down town Amarillo. These three young girls came in and she had my heart the minute I saw her.
We were both 19 years old when we were married. God has truly blessed us these 53 years. We have endured hard times and great times. Even during the hard times we were blessed. The first few years and after we had the three kids. I remember that I smoked back then, the twins were babies and they needed formula and I needed cigarettes. I bet you can guess which one won out; at least I had the good sense to quit smoking.
Through hard work and most of all God blessing us, I was able to get a job where even without a high school education I could provide a decent living. Even after retirement we could afford to get a motor home, and do some traveling around this great country. It has now been 53 yeas and Charlotte has had to go above and beyond living with this old goat. God I love that woman.


Just Hanging Out With Auntie Ce.

Saturday August 11th. Spent the day with Auntie Ce, and uncle Brian. After getting up and around we loaded up and went to LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee.

Afterwards Brian drove to Shawnee Mission Park. It has a beautiful lake, we went down and walked on the beach, then drove around the lake. There is a place in the park for people to fly remote control airplanes. We stopped and watched several planes take off and land. It is a very neat, it is well groomed and has a paved runway.

Later that evening we went out and had BBQ at Blind Box. Noah said that it was Amazing. After eating we went to Smiley’s Golf Complex and played miniature golf to work off our meal.


Union Station Kansas City Missouri

Our daughter took Friday off so she could have more time with Noah. He loves trains so we went to Union Station in downtown Kansas City.
First we rode the trolley around town and then went into the station. He loved seeing the model trains, the big clock and all the different things to see inside.




We had lunch at Harvey’s inside Union station, Noah ordered a Caesars Salad and a cup of chicken noodle soup. When the waitress found out he was 8 years old, she said “are you sure you are not 38 years old.

Eatting at Union Sta

Youngest Grandson

We took the youngest grandson on his little trip. We always take the younger one on a trip after taking the older brother on their big trip. We decided to go in the car this time, since we were just going to the daughters and back.
My daughter works at the University of Kansas in Lawrence KS. She was taking off work at noon. So we drove to Lawrence to meet her and have lunch. She was getting her hair done so lunch was going to be a little late. We stopped off to get gas on the way and Noah wanted a blue berry slushy. When we finally met up with Auntie Ce we told her that he was sick and that his tongue was turning blue.


Heading home

We were supposed to stay at Tres Rios in Glen Rose Texas for three nights. Jeremy and Aubrey had to leave Sunday 07/29/2018 to take our Grandson Colton back to college, and also so they could get back home to go to work.

Jeff had taken Monday 07/30/2018 off for this trip. But since it was so hot and our camping was turned off a little by the three-hour ordeal the day before. We all decided to go ahead and leave also. So after having a great breakfast we broke camp. Gave the Houston kids a kiss, and hug good byes.

Our youngest grandson wanted to ride with us in the motor home, so we fell in behind Jeff and followed them back to Amarillo. As we went through Memphis Texas we could see a rain storm off in the distance. As US 287 curved toward Clarendon Texas we could tell that we were heading for it. It started raining very hard and suddenly I could see the rain coming at me side ways. I griped the steering wheel and started braking. The next thing I know I am driving on the shoulder of the road and fighting to keep it on the pavement. The week before we left to go on this trip I had a steering stabilizer installed on the motor home. I am so thankful that I did for without it I would have ended up in the ditch.


Tres Rios RV Campground and Resort.

We are so excited, this is the day to meet up with our kids 07/27/2018. Jeff and Amy had invited us to camp here with them. When they got their  trailer, the dealership had set them up to camp here free for three days. They just had to listen to a small spiel about the Coast to Coast resorts for campers.  We talked to Jeremy and Aubrey ,our Houston kids, about coming up and they could camp with us.

We called and set us up to go there with them. Charlotte talked with the corporate office to sign us up. They told her that we would have to listen to a 90 minutes sales pitch to get the free camping. We thought well ok, as it turned out it was three hours long. They had the boss lady come in at the end to talk with us. She quoted a price and then told us that we had to decide now are the quote would leave the table. I told her that without proper time to think and talk about it with each other, we did not care if the offer was off the table. All I can say is that it would take and awful lot of camping to save any money on camping with them.

We did have a lot of fun though with the kids and grandkids. I turned the motor home around so that our door faced the kids door on their travel trailer. We had our own little courtyard in the midst of the bigger campground. One night we set outside and watched a documentary about the rescue of the kids and their coach in Thailand that were trapped in the cave.


Meridian State Park

After leaving Tyler State Park we headed to Meridian Texas. It is a pretty little town down in a valley. The state park sets up on top of the hill with a lake. When we called to reserve a spot we asked if we could get a spot with some shade. The ranger asked what do you mean by shade. It is true that not all the trees are tall there.

There was very little cell services so Charlotte would walk up to the park entrance where she could use the phone. She wanted to let the kids know so that if they tried to get ahold of us and they did not get an answer they would know why.


Tyler State Park

We loved Dangerfield State Park so much that we stayed five nights there. We decided that we would drive down to Tyler State Park. It is a bigger park with a lake and lots of trees, but Charlotte was right, comparing it to Dangerfield we were a little disappointed.  I think that because it was so hot, and did not have as much shade, and no view of the lake.

We had a next door neighbor that moved down by Tyler several years ago. We have stayed in touch with them, so we called them and set up to meet them for lunch. They said that they would come down to the park and pick us up, but we told them we needed to come into town to do some laundry, and get some groceries. So we set it up to meet them at a Walmart on the side of town closest to them. It was so good to see them again, they took us to a little place in Chandler Texas called Wades place. They had some of the best fried catfish and French fries.

Heading to Dangerfield Stat Park

After leaving the dealership we headed for Dangerfield State Park. We discovered this park when our kids were little. As we were traveling down the road the wife noticed that the propane light was blinking on the refrigerator. I spotted a Walmart so I pulled in to check out the problem. The blinking light tells you that the propane is not working, I had forgotten that they had turned off the propane to work on the hot water heater. After turning it back on the refrigerator relit.

As I was turning out of the parking lot to get into the turn lane back on the road, it was a tight right turn. You guessed it I jumped the curb, I was looking in my rearview mirror and I could see the curb but I guess there was a little more there. As we were going down the highway and passing trucks I could hear a hissing noise. We just could not tell where it was coming from. It was getting dark when we got to the state park. The next morning was when I discovered where the hissing noise was coming from. Oh well I don’t have to worry about dinging the Motor coach any more.